Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the RMA Boss Package process take?

The RMA Signature Package process takes approximately 6-8 weeks. This provides time for brand identity,web design, brand assets,etc.

How long does the Brand Me Please Package process take?

The Brand Me Please Package process takes approximately 3-4 weeks. This provides time for brand identity, logo design, and business card designs.

How long does the Starter Package process take?

The Starter Package process takes approximately 5-6 weeks. This provides time for brand identity,web design, brand assets,etc.

What platform do you use to build your clients websites?

We design our client's websites in Wix. It allows us the flexibility to create a custom design for our clients. Plus it's super easy to update for clients

Do you handle hosting and domain purchasing?

All of our clients are responsible for domains, but our web design services do come with 1 year wix web hosting covered.

What files do you send clients for logos?

Clients receive png and jpg files of their logos.

Do you charge extra for revisions?

Once a logo design concept/web design concept is complete we allow 3 revisons to be made free, if there are additional revisons to be made they are $20 each.

Do you do flyer designs?

Yes, we also do graphic advertisements. Visit our design services page in order to get more information

Do you do just website or logo alone? A la carte services?

We do not offer a la carte services. Why? Because our clients are selling high quality services to their dream cleints and just a logo or just a website will not cut it. In order to provide our clients with the best success possible,wee created signature package services. A cohesive and polished brand performs at its best when we are involved in the process from start to finish.


How do you accept payments?

All payments are made through paypal invoicing or credit/debit. E-Transfers are only accepted for Canadian clients

Do you have payment plans?

Yes! For services over $1000 we can develop custom payment plans for each client.