Social Media Audit

Through our 30 minute social media audit, we will evaluate and optimize a your social media profile and strategies. This will help your business stay on top of their online presence, improve your Instagram page, monetize your visitors and increase your brand awareness through content creation, writing engaging captions and learning how to optimize your Instagram bio.​

$167 Investment​ 

Website Audit

$197 Investment​ 

As new business owners, sometimes we simply have to DIY(Do It Yourself), we understand! But without a good website, your brand will never get the recognition you need. That's why we provided the website audit service! With this service we will go through your website for 45 minutes and give you our recommended changes. 

Power Hour Branding Session

$287 Investment for 1 Hour

Through this Power Hour Branding Session you will be able to gain the understanding you need for your brand! In this hour you'll be able to break down a new brand strategy, reconstruct your brand identity, and work on brand templates for your social medias.

Power Hour Social

Media Session

$267 Investment for 1 Hour

Through this Power Hour Social Media Session you will be able to ask our CEO, Symphonie, any and everything about social media! Whether it is about content, your designs, your caption, your hashtags, even your brand, you'll have all your questions answered.

"Royalty Marketing Agency truly sets you up for the win!! They stick with you even after they're are done to ensure success which shows how much they care. I recommend the Brand Power Hour Session!"

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